The Original of APPDA

The Japanese Band Directors Association (JBA) was established on the advice of Dr. Paul Yoder, an American composer and former chairman of the American Band Masters Association (ABA), and called by Manabu Kasuga. Subsequently, activities by JBA as follows led the organization of APBDA.

1967July25 members of JBA conducted an inspection tour to learn about the wind band scene in the U.S.
1973JBA visited Korea and had an exchange with band directors, resulting in the establishment of the Korean Band Directors Association (KBA).
1974The first Joint Convention between ABA and JBA was held in Honolulu, U.S.
197522nd – 26th JulyJBA visited Seoul, Korea, and held a Joint Convention with KBA.
197627th – 30th DecemberJBA visited Singapore and held an exchange concert.
197727th – 30th DecemberJBA visited Manila, Philippines, and held an exchange concert with the National Band Association of the Philippines on December 28th and 29th.

South East Asian Band Directors

197826th – 28th OctoberThe 1st South East Asian Band Directors Conference was held in Tokyo, Japan, with attendees from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Paul Yoder, James Berdahl and Neil Kjos from the U.S., and George Felman from Belgium attended as observers. Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra performed. The Convention Flag was instituted.
19804th – 5th NovemberThe 2nd Conference took place on 4th October in Tokyo, Japan, at Tojyo Hall, with a performance by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra.
198227th JulyThe 3rd Conference was held in Seoul, Korea.
3 bands from Korea and Japan participated.
198426th – 28th DecemberThe 4th Conference was held in Manila, Philippines. 3 bands from the Philippines and Japan participated.
198626th – 30th DecemberUnofficial conference was held in Taipei, Taiwan. Bands from Taiwan and Japan participated.
19884th – 7th Februry The 5th Conference was held in Chiangmai, Thailand.
7 bands from Thailand, Japan, Philippines and Indonesia participated.

Asia and Pacific Band Directors’ Association

199024th – 28th JulyThe 6th Conference was held in Kwangju, Korea. Renamed to Asia and Pacific Band Directors’ Association / APBDA. 3 bands from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
199214 – 18th AugustThe 7th Conference was held in Taipei, Taiwan. 19 bands from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Singapore participated. Robert Edward Jager attended.
199420th – 25th JulyThe 8th Conference was held in Hamamatsu, Japan. 19 bands from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore participated. A new constitution was established.
199625th – 28th JulyThe 9th Conference was held in Hong Kong. 32 bands from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Macau, Australia and Singapore participated.
199825th – 29th JulyThe 10th Conference was held in Sidney, Australia. 23 bands from Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tonga and Canada participated. The Constitution was revised, and a new rule was introduced for the Chairman selection; the Chairman will be chosen from the next hosting country in a two-year term.
200024th December
– 5th January
The 11th Conference was held in Chiayi, Taiwan. 46 bands from Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Kazakhstan participated. APBDA used to collect 100 USD per year as a membership fee and allocate it for the cost of the office, but it was suspended after this conference. Chiayi City Government bore ground costs of board members which had been paid by each member, flight costs were still paid by members though. Membership fees weren’t collected since.
20026th – 12th AugustThe 12th Conference was held in Guanguzo, China. 68 bands from China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Germany participated.
200414th – 20th AugustThe 13th Conference was held in Jeju, Korea. 38 bands from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Germany participated.
200631st July – 4th AugustThe 14th Conference was held in Macau. 58 bands from Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Australia participated.
200826th July – 3rd AugustThe 15th Conference was held in Tainan, Taiwan. 74 bands from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia participated.
201025th – 28th JulyThe 16th Conference was held in Hong Kong. 40 bands from Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan and Australia participated.
20123rd – 9th JulyThe 17th Conference was held in Singapore. 45 bands from Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Macau participated.
20148th – 15th AugustThe 18th Conference was held in Jeju, Korea. 23 bands from Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, Taiwan and Japan participated.
201514th – 18th JulyA board meeting was held in Beijing, China.
2016The 19th Conference was held in Beijing, China. The conference was planned in Sidney, Australia but the place changed to Beijing due to financial reasons.
2017JulyA board meeting was held.
201819th – 22nd JulyThe 20th Conference was held in Hamamatsu, Japan. 39 bands from Japan, Australia, China, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau joined.
A board meeting was held in Tainan, Taiwan.
2020The 21st Conference which was supposed to be held in Taiwan, Taiwan was postponed for a year due to the pandemic of COVID-19.
20216th November – 26th DecemberThe 21st Conference was held in Tainan, Taiwan.
2022A conference was suspended due to the pandemic of COVID-19.
202315th JulyA board meeting was held in Inchon, Korea. The 2024 conference, scheduled for Daejeon, Korea, was canceled due to circumstances, and it was decided that conferences would be held every odd-numbered year thereafter.